How does the ‘Green Screen Backdrop’ work? Well in truth the software and computer do all of the work behind the scenes, but here is the simple explanation.  If you select a ‘Green Screen Backdrop’ for your event, the computer is able to erase the green and replace it with the image of your choice. That means that the backdrop will look ‘Green’ in person, however, when the picture prints, you will see the image you have chosen inserted as your background. Pretty cool huh?

Feel free to look through the categories below to find the perfect images for your Green screen event. We suggest you pick a minimum of 6 images and no more than 12. Simply contact us with the names of the images you’re interested in and we can provide them to your event. Can’t find the images you’re looking for? No worries, simply contact us with your theme or image ideas and we will create the images for you. Please note that several images in this gallery look reversed. These images will be flipped in the software. Note: You only need to select images from this page if you have selected the ‘Green Screen Backdrop’ for your event. If you are using any other backdrop, these images are not needed.

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