laser-tagDestination Events Mobile Laser Tag is an exciting combination of tag and hide & seek with a little Sci fi mixed in.

Players compete in teams to find and tag their opponents using high powered infrared beams.

The laser tag guns are accurate up to 1000 feet. Our large inflatable obstacles create a battlefield filled with opportunities to hide and ambush opponents.

With a little bit of strategy, some smarts, and reflexes, your team will emerge victorious. It’s a blast for kids from 8 to 80, and an awesome way to boost office morale.

Destination Events Mobile laser tag is perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Carnivals
  • Festivals
  • Graduation Parties
  • Churches/Youth Groups
  • Company Picnics
  • Summer Camps
  • Mitzvahs
  • College & University Events
  • Fraternity and Sorority
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Reunions
  • Any time you want a unique event!
Where to Play?:
(Remember we bring the fun, you provide the space)

  • Back Yard
  • School Gym
  • Church Gym
  • Athletic Club
  • Soccer Field
  • Sports Complex
  • Park
  • Football field
  • Any Place that has a 40X60 to 80X200 Space
  • Any room or building with hallways corners and rooms.
What separates Destination Events Mobile Laser Tag from the rest?

laser-tag-tippmanTaggers: Not all laser tag guns are created equal! As the lion is the king of the jungle, the Tippmann Barracuda is the king of laser tag! The Barracuda is as hard-core as it looks! With tactical-grade optics and RF signal communication you know in real time who you’re tagging and who is tagging you. Originally designed for the paintball industry these taggers can take a beating and work in all kinds of weather conditions. Best of all, they have the weight and feel of a real tagger, not the cheap plastic feeling of a toy gun. The Tippmann Barracuda also has the best range of any commercially available laser tag system we’ve found on the market today; rated for 1000’ range (3-4 times the range of most laser tag systems available today).

Wireless: We run a completely wireless system. That means no annoying wires from the gun to your head or vest. Never getting tangled up in the connections makes for easier and more stealthy movement. You will love wireless laser tag. It’s a completely freeing experience. What’s more is that because of our wireless system, all of the information is immediately transferred back to the base computer in real time. No more need to sync up the guns with the system after the match. Everything is instant.

laser-tag-barracudaScoring: Our scoring is instant and at your fingertips. It uses both a display on the laser tag gun showing number of hits, ammo, accuracy, and terminations as well as a wireless link back to our computer. With this dual data you can see your personal stats in the middle of game play as well as having full team stats displayed on monitor or screen for all to see.


Versatility: Our system is designed to be used with or without the computer base. That means that if your location has no electricity we can still set up and run the game using the software built into the guns. If we do have access to power, our system can speak to the guns up 300 feet away giving us a much larger battlefield than most guns allow for. Also, our laser tag guns are not rechargeable. Believe it or not this is a huge benefit. What this means is that we can replace batteries on the fly. If a gun runs out of juice mid game, we simply replace the batteries and start playing again. No down time for recharging the unit.

Game Play: With up to 8 preset games available in ‘Gun Only Mode’ and hundreds of game play options available with our Computer guided system, the number of different ways to play is infinite. Each laser tag gun has the ability to be customized to the player and games can be changed on the fly from the laser tag gun itself. Design the game you want to play without being limited by the restrictions of the manufacturer. Play for a time limit, play team on team, play free for all, play capture the flag, set number of kills, set number of respawns, change amount of ammo, and more. You decide the parameters of your game and then the system takes over and runs your scenario. The versatility to create your own game or run one of the preset options makes Destination Events Mobile laser tag the perfect option for both advanced and beginner players alike.

Bunkers: Our laser tag Bunkers are large, mobile inflatable barriers. They are not fold in half card board or plastic. These are professional laser tag bunkers created with IR resistant coating. The IR resistant coating keeps the powerful infrared beams from sneaking their way through the barrier and hitting your gun. Many home made or aftermarket bunkers simply don’t stop the beams leading to hits that shouldn’t have been. When we fill an arena with 10 to 22 of our bunkers it makes for a battlefield with adequate protection and offers a more challenging game.


Game Master: Our fun and professional game masters bring your game to the next level. They will instruct you and your guests on the use of the laser tag guns as well as setup the different games. They can call out team scores, individual stats, and timing to keep all players informed of the current game play. Our game masters help keep the event structured and handle all the technical items to keep the game play moving.

Lights, Sound, and Video: With lasers, fog, loud speakers, music, large screens, and video projectors, your laser tag party will be an event to be remembered. We can even add a battlefield camera to show live action on a projector screen as the game plays out. We don’t just bring a game, we bring a party. Your friends will be talking about this event for weeks to come.


Tagger Only Packages
A ‘Tagger Only’ Package is for events that wish to run off the Taggers built in software alone. This package has no external computers, or projectors. This package is ideal for groups that want to play straight ‘Free For All’ or ‘Team on Team’ Games. This package allows for basic customization of each game including, Length of game, Ammunition, Number of kills, respawn, and other basic game adjustments. If you’re looking for a quick pick up and play type set up, this is the perfect package for you.

Tagger Plus Packages
Our ‘Tagger plus’ packages are perfect for groups that want instant feedback and greater customization. Tagger plus has over 100 pre built games ready to play and infinite amount of customization. In addition we will display all players on a video screen showing their status during live game play. Tagger plus packages are perfect for large groups and competitive players. If you want the splash and feel of the arena, this is the package for you.

Need additional services? Give us a call and let us customize a package that fits your budget and your vision!!




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Tagger Only Packages:

Tagger Plus Packages:

Grad Night Packages:

Build Your Own:

# of Taggers:
# of Bunkers:
Sounds System (100 – 800* Watt):
Game Master:
# of Preset Game Scenarios:
Customizable Game play:
CCM (Computer based System)*:
Video Projector/ Monitor*:
Vertigo Lighting Effects*:
Uplights (strobing and color changing)*:
Laser Lighting Effects*:
400 Watt Black Lights*:
Field Camera Add On:
Travel Charge Outside of 50 Miles+50 mi.:
$20 Per Tagger
$15 Per Bunker
$75 Per Sound System
$75 Per Hour
8 to 100
$100 (Game master required)
$50 (Game master required)
$25 Each
$20 Each
$30 Each
$40 Each
$75 (Game Master Required)
$.50 Per Mile
*These Items require electricity.
A generator can be rented for locations without power.
Battery powered Uplights can be substituted location without power.
Call for details: (866) 345-4476 or email us!
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