Are you planning an event and wondering how to choose an event rental company? Are you having your wedding in a backyard or park setting?  If so you will probably need to rent items.  Tables, chairs, canopies, linens…it can all be very overwhelming.  How do you know if you are renting from a reliable, honest company?  Here are a few tips:

1.  Ask to view their equipment ahead of time.
Do their chairs get washed and touched up regularly?  Are their linens nicely pressed and wrapped in protective plastic?  Is everything from coffee urns to champagne fountains in working order.  There is nothing more discouraging than having a rental company drop off an item that doesn’t work when you need it.   Make sure that the company that you hire sends out quality, working equipment.
2.  Do they have a history of delivering on time?
Is there anything more frustrating than waiting for a delivery that is late? If your rental company gives you an estimated time of arrival, they should make every effort to be there on time.  Make sure to ask your rental company for an estimated arrival time.  Don’t forget to schedule a pick up time after your event is over.
3.  Good  Customer Service
Never underestimate good service. The way any company treats their customers reflects the way they do business. From the very first meeting or phone call, they should be friendly, easy to deal with and helpful with what you need.  Someone should also be available to answer your phone call during business hours so that you can easily make changes.  If you leave a message, do they quickly return calls?  Furthermore, when deliveries are made, staff should be helpful and professional.
4.  Will they work with your budget?
Every couple has a budget to work with and renting wedding items can be expensive.  Ask your rental company if they give discounts.  Some companies will give a discount if you rent more than one item. For example, if you rent a photobooth or a DJ, you might be able to save money on your other rental items.  Ask about “slow season” discounts as well.  Shop around.  Rental companies might offer vastly different pricing on items.  Finally, try and work with the same person.  If  you get a different person every time you call, they might not be able to understand your needs.
5. Visit their website
A company’s website says a lot.  Is it clear and easy to read?  Can you find the items you want and are pictures attached?  Are the prices clearly shown?  Does that company have photos of past events that they have done?
So, here is the bottom line when hiring your rental company:  Are they going to make your special day run smoothly and stress free by delivering quality, clean equipment on time and for a good price?   If the answer is yes, than you have probably found the right rental company for you.
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