Big news!  Last week we traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) convention.  At this convention, every inflatable production company in the country comes to show off their newest and most exciting products.  We saw hundreds of new inflatables and games and even got to play on a few.  Knowing that we needed to bring some new products back to Oregon, we had to make some tough decisions as to which items our clients would most enjoy.  Here is what we decided on: (and these will be available to rent next month)

Wiped Out:  Have you ever watched the TV show, “Wipe Out?”  This inflatable was modeled after their course.  Participants start on one side of the unit and have to cross to the other, only using the giant red balls in the center.  It is harder then it looks!  Add a few obstacle courses to either side of this unit and you have a full Wipe Out Arena.  This will rent for $495 for 3 hours.


Laser Tag:  There were about 10 different Laser tag companies at IAAPA.  We tested each one and found the product that would most fit our mobile Laser Tag needs.  All we need is a darkened gym or outdoor arena and we can create an exciting laser tag experience with the guns, fog, lights, music and obstacles.  This is perfect for teen parties, graduation parties and college events.  Prices vary based on the package you book.


Hoops 2:  We have always wanted to have a few fun midway games for our birthday party, school and grad party clients.  We purchased this unique basketball game while at IAAPA.  It has 2 hoops like most basketball games but unlike the standard shooting game, there are 2 tubes that lead from the basket to the other person’s area.  The person who gets rid of their balls first, wins.  It is harder then it looks because every time your opponent makes a basket, their ball falls into your section…giving you more balls to get rid of!  This unit rents for $125 for 3 hours.  Book all three midway games and get them for $300.


Connect 4: Remember the classic Connect 4 game that you used to play as a kid?  Here it is in giant scale!  This unit uses 2 different colored basketballs to create a Connect 4 challenge that will drive you crazy but keep you laughing.   You really have to practice to hit the right spot to achieve that Connect 4.  This unit rents for $125 for 3 hours.  Book all three midway games and get them for $300.


Knock it Off:  This unit can be used in two ways.  For younger kids, the floating balls can be knocked off the cone with a larger ball.  For older kids (and adults) we have archery bows and arrows (the arrows have padded tips) that allow you to aim for the floating balls and knock them off with the arrow.  It is quite challenging and allows kids to use an archery bow in a very safe environment.  This unit rents for $125 for 3 hours.  Book all three midway games and get them for $300.

779201403021044pmArchery HoverBall 2

Pucker Powder:  Pucker up for some sweet and sour treats!  This Pucker Powder machine is designed for use at private parties…especially birthdays.  It has five dispensers with different flavors and one rental comes with enough powder and tubes for 30 guests.  More powder packets can be added if you have more then 30.  This unit rents for $65 (remember, the pucker powder is included for 30) and each additional powder packet (for 30) rents for $25.



That’s it for now!  Of course we still have all of our amazing inflatables, concessions equipment, tents, tables, chairs…and so much more.