Destination Events Wedding Photo Booth services are beyond compare when it comes to both quality and value. We’d like to share a few points of important distinction between us and our competitors.

It’s Actually a BOOTH!!

That’s right, it is actually the look and feel of a photo booth. You climb in, sit down, press the button, and take your pictures. You will find the fun and charm of the classic photo booths of yesteryear combined with today’s technology. Some companies may try to make it sound like a bonus that they don’t use a booth. They may refer to it as a “Boothless” photo booth or an “Open air” photo booth. Call it what ever you want, but if it has no booth, then its not really a photo BOOTH. The only way to have the authentic look and feel of the photo booth is to have the original.

Unlimited Black and White or Color Pictures!

When we say UNLIMITED, we truly mean unlimited. We will never put a cap on the number of pictures you take at your event. From the moment the booth is opened to the time it is closed, you can take as many pictures as you want. You get to choose whether you want your pictures in black and white or color. Just hit the corresponding button and off it goes.



Instant Printing, Duplicate Prints, and Dye Sublimation Printers

Every single sitting will vend 2 copies of the session. Some photo booth companies will charge a premium for a second print. With a Destination Events Photo Booth the second copy is always FREE. In addition, Destination Events uses only dye sublimation photo lab quality printers. This offers you 2 specific benefits over the inkjet printers used by many other companies. First, the quality is amazing. Every photo is printed with a glossy sheen and will not run or streak the way inkjet printed photos do if they get damp or wet. Second, they print so much faster. Within 15 seconds of stepping out of the booth, your guests will have a fresh copy of their session in hand. With faster printing, more guests can get in and out of the booth without the hassle of waiting for the printer to catch up.



Customized Messages

We can customize a message at the bottom of every photo strip.Many photo booth companies charge as much as $100 to add a logo or message to your pictures. Destination Events will always create a custom message for FREE. By putting a custom message on each strip it becomes an instant keepsake for your guests. They will always remember the fun they had at your event when they experienced the photo booth. You let us know what you would like it to say, the font, the color, and even add an image to it if you want.

Props, Hats, and Silliness

Are you ready for some silliness? When we come to your event we always provide a generous supply of hats, scarfs, glasses, mustaches, and more. We want your guests to get wacky and ejoy the booth. If they want to, they can dress themselves up. We can supply props that fit your specific theme or we can create signs and props at your request. Our prop box is always free at your event.

Photo DVD or Thumb Drive

Immediately on completion of your event, we will create a DVD or thumb drive containing all of the images from your photo booth rental. This is presented to you before we leave. You will never have to wait until the next business day to go online, look up, and download the images from your event. You take them home with you that night. These images are yours to reproduce however you desire. We don’t charge extra for this disc. We always Provide the image Disc for FREE.

Photo Booth Attendant

YES, we always leave a photo booth attendant onsite with your booth. We will never drop off the booth and leave it unstaffed. Our staff will deliver, set up, run the booth, break it down, and take it away at the end of the event. We are onsite to assist with its use, to replace film if needed, and to assist in the creation of your photo guest book. Our attendants are well groomed, and come dressed for your wedding.

Photo Guest Book

Lets face it, the whole reason to have a photo booth at your event is to capture the pictures of your guests. The Photo guest book is the very best way to do just that. Our onsite attendant will assist your guests in placing the duplicate print form their session in a special book. We provide the book, markers, glue, and cutters allowing your guests to write you a personalized message or comment next to their photos from the booth.

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