Wacky Playhouse – Dry Only

Wacky Playhouse – Dry Only

$300.00 for the first 3 hours
$75 each extra hour

The Wacky Fun Playhouse is packed with hours of fun for up to 8 patrons. With spacious bouncing areas, multiple obstacles and tunnels, and two slides, kids will have a blast in this conveniently sized combo! This unit was designed to maximize fun in the least amount of space and has high visibility mesh so parents and operators can keep an eye on the kiddos. Dimensions: H 12′ W 26′ L 22′


The Wacky Fun Center playhouse is a great unit for little ones!  Inside is a bouncing area, some obstacles and slides.  The outside is covered in mesh so parents can watch their little ones play. Dimensions: H 12′ W 26′ L 22′. Requires 1- 20 amp outlet for power.

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